The Project

The project aims to establish a European high-resolution spectroscopy infrastructure for traceable measurements of spectral line data under well controlled conditions at a central spectroscopic facility (CF).

The CF - which will be validated and anchored (traced back) by means of high-resolution laser-based satellite facilities at the partners’ sites - will be used for the determination of accurate transition line data of atmospheric key molecular species over a broad range of atmospheric conditions, including the determination of the temperature and pressure dependence of spectral line data.

By concentrating the metrological expertise of the JRP partners on a central facility all measurands will be traced back to national standards, which will permit improved accuracy and comparability. The application and expansion of metrological codes will allow the stating of well-defined uncertainty ranges for all measured spectral parameters.

The CF will be based on a modified high-resolution VIS to MIR Fourier-Transform spectrometer (FTS) with a spectral resolution in the 10-3 cm-1. Once validated it will be combined with standardized measurement protocols and made available to the atmospheric community for user-driven determination of spectral data under tight metrological control of the measurement conditions in order to maintain high data quality.

Spectral data from the CF will be made accessible to the public by publication in refereed journals, by submission of the data to HITRAN and/or GEISA databases and in the long term by generation of a parallel, HITRAN/GEISA-linked, metrological line data database that will contain only robust metrological spectral data with complete uncertainty information.

The facility will be promoted and awareness generated that it is open for cooperation with the user community and that it is dedicated to disseminating the measured spectral data to the public.


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