1st Stakeholder Workshop

Workshop "Traceable spectral reference line data for atmospheric monitoring"

The leading experts in atmospheric spectroscopy, atmospheric environmental monitoring, lab spectroscopists for spectral line data and metrologists were brought together on  15th of November 2012 in the Palace of Wolfenb├╝ttel, Wolfenb├╝ttel, Germany and at the 16th of November 2012 in PTB, Braunschweig, Germany.

Invited Speakers

Geoffrey Toon / JPL, USA

"Ground-based atmospheric monitoring networks using FTIR present/future needs of the NDACC and TCCON community with respect to spectral line data."

Manfred Birk / DLR , Germany

"FT-based high resolution lab spectroscopy for atmospheric line data measurements."

Iouli Gordon / U Harvard, USA

"Status and future of the HITRAN database."

Mark Zondlo / U Princeton + Mirthe, USA

"Atmospheric trace gas sensing: community needs with respect to spectral line data."

Johannes Orphal / KIT, Germany

"Satellite-based remote sensing: Community needs with respect to spectral line data."

Ha Tran / CNRS, France

"The role of higher order line shape models and line mixing for the extraction of high accuracy spectral line data: Status and need for experimental validation."

Sergei Yurchenko / UCL, UK

"Absorption/emission spectra from first principles: Towards large-scale production of line lists for molecules of atmospheric importance"

Daniel Lisak / U Torun, Poland

"Novel Instrumentation for high precision spectral data."  


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