Description of SMU

SMU is a funded JRP-Partner. The main aim of SMU research as a national metrological body is development of traceable analytical methods and standards and the improvement of measurement parameters and reduction of measurement uncertainties. This task is connected with the reduction of systematic errors and improvement of measurement repeatability.

Accurate values of atmospheric measurements of greenhouse gases can be only achieved, if accurate spectroscopic data are available. The monitoring and reporting of Greenhouse Gases is binding for all signatories of Kyoto protocol. Metrological research focused on traceability in this field carried by SMU is focused on the static dilution gravimetric preparation of gas standards and development of multi-component FT-IR methods for qualitative and quantitative analysis of Greenhouse Gases samples. Gravimetric preparation of GHG gas standards is focused on several species: CO2, water, methane and nitrous oxide in ambient concentrations.

SMU will be involved in the project mainly by high-resolution FT-IR measurements. SMU has instrumentation for spectroscopic gas analysis including FT-IR spectrometer equipped with MCT and DTGS detectors and 10 m and 80 m multi-pass gas cells.

In WP1, SMU will work in cooperation with other JRP-Partners on line data processing focused on completion and harmonisation of molecule specific data sets. In WP2 SMU will participate on the characterisation of developed measurement cells for the central facility FT instrument. In cooperation with VSL, SMU will prepare gas mixtures using gravimetric preparation methods. In WP3 we will be involved in the general technical procedure filing on spectroscopic methods for reference line data measurements. SMU will provide static gravimetric preparation and purity analysis of gas mixtures of specified species for the JRP-Partner comparison measurements.