Description of LNE

LNE is committed to excellence in measurement and testing and to progress in quality and safety, for the benefit of industries and consumers alike. Since 1997, LNE's public service mission has been specified in a fulfilment agreement drawn up every four years with the French government. The state's financial contribution takes the form of annual subsidies. These enable the Laboratory: to operate as the national reference laboratory in metrology for French industry - to pursue its scientific and technological development in order to anticipate new measurement and testing requirements created by advances in technology and society's new expectations in the spheres of safety, health, quality and environmental protection - to provide state authorities and key economic players with the technical assistance they require to draft new regulations and standards at national, European and international level, develop new test methods and carry out market surveillance. Applying its multidisciplinary technical expertise, LNE provides companies with services in the fields of metrology, medical and health products, construction products, packaging, transport, environment and industrial products. The Laboratory offers a full range of technical conformity services, from calibration and testing to technical assistance and training. LNE is also a certification body, providing companies with the technical solutions they need to ensure the quality and conformity of their products and enhance them on markets worldwide.

The LNE staff member involved is Dr Jean-Jacques Zondy who has a worldwide recognised expertise in laser physics, nonlinear optics and high-resolution optical frequency metrology and spectroscopy. He is leading a group composed of 6 scientists (2 PhD students, 2 postdocs and 1 assistant professor) in a joint laboratory structure formed by LNE and CNAM researchers. This group is currently participating to a 2008 EMRP project “Breath Analysis” on Health metrology (T2.J02 Breath analysis as a diagnostic tool for early disease detection).